We are passionate about education


According to Ofsted, we are aiming towards outstanding.


We are based in Neasden, North West London,


We seek to stimulate the potential in all children.


We have multicultural staff and children.


We build strong working relationships with parents.

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We focus on both the short & long term benefits to the children.

We are

Rated Good by Ofsted

We are pleased to announce that we are rated Good by Ofsted.
Here is a copy of the report


Mrs Cacaleteanu

 "I like the nursery and I am very happy to have my son attend. The staff always up date me with my sons progress."

Ms Gomez

 "I am so proud of the nursery. As a working mum l wouldn't know what to do without it. I am so happy that my child is there, she has made so much progress since she started at the age of 2. She has developed at a fantastic rate"

Mr and Mrs Nortey

"Our child has really developed in a positive way and approaches situations differently since we started the nursery, we are really grateful."

Ms Rajabi

"English is not our first language, so we are happy with her progress and the results of the parents evening. I like the nursery very much. It has helped our daughter a lot."

Ms Clinton

"My daughter is 3 going on 4 and will be
going to reception. She has come a long way since she started 8 till 6 Eagle Nursery. l am happy with her progress and l also have my boys, aged 2 and 3 at the nursery. It is a good stimulating environment for learning."

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